Removing the old carpet is about the easiest job when it comes to flooring installation. Let’s go over the simple steps and help you save some money by removing some of the extra fees that come with getting new flooring. Trust me it’s pretty easy and doesn’t require any specialty tools.

Tools you need to remove old carpet

  • Utility Knife - You need a knife to cut the carpet. (That’s really all you need.)
  • Floor Scraper - To remove the staples and/or glue.
  • Work Gloves - Because you are working and removing carpet is a dirty job.
  • Dust Mask - Let’s avoid breathing dust into our lungs.
  • Pry bar - If you are not installing new carpet, then remove the tack strips.

Simple steps

  1. Empty the rooms of all the furniture.
  2. Cut the carpet into 4’ to 6’ strips cutting the lengths down to 12’ or less.
  3. Remove the carpet and the padding from the rooms.
  4. Scrape off the old glue and/or staples from the subfloor.
  5. Use a pry bar to remove the tack strips if you are going to install a new type of flooring. If you are installing new flooring leave the tack strips for the new carpet unless they are loose or that you feel that they need to be replaced.

There you have it, it is that easy!

Note: If you are installing new carpet leave the baseboard, unless you are planning to change them.