The length of a flooring installation is dependent on factors that we won't know until you choose the floor covering you want to be installed in your home. For that reason, we can't quote you a specific time frame for the process, but we can tell you a little more about those materials.

Flooring installation is different for each material

Each floor covering has its own set of characteristics that make it stand out from other materials, and these characteristics are what makes one flooring better for you than all the rest. But these characteristics can also mean they have far different installation requirements as well.

For instance, a carpet installation takes a much longer time to install due to the necessity of professionally trained installers with special tools for tasks such as seam connection, stretching and edging. If you’ve chosen carpet for your flooring of choice, you can expect your installation team to take the required amount of time for a quality installation.

Other materials that take a while to install include solid hardwood, all-natural stone, and porcelain tile. However, if you’re looking for a faster installation, you might consider a floor covering like laminate, luxury vinyl, or sheet vinyl.

No matter which material you choose, we will ensure the installation suits your requirements perfectly. Be sure to contact us for all the information regarding your installation process.

Our flooring installation is one of our specialties

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We offer a wide selection of flooring materials and work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction, whatever your flooring size. So, when you’re ready for the very best flooring installation, be sure to contact us at your convenience.