You took your time and used patience to carefully choose beautiful soft carpet throughout your home.

Now it’s time to pair the perfect vacuum with your specific Mohawk carpet type to keep your rooms looking great and to extend your carpet’s life.

Wait a minute, you have never considered how a vacuum might affect your carpet? Whether you choose the stain-free protectionof PET, the durability of wear-free nylon, or the worry-free performance of SmartStrand, you’re premium carpet deserves the proper and utmost care which includes selecting the perfect vacuum.

Premium carpets that are used in bedrooms, such as SmartStrand Silk, vacuum differently than carpet that is not as luxuriously soft. Many Mohawk premium soft carpets contain two or three times the amount of fiber of ordinary soft yarns. This actually increases the carpet’s performance and durability, while maintaining the supreme softness.

It's all about tailoring your carpet maintenance to your particular carpet type and style. You can find specific details about your carpet type as well as cleaning instructions, spot removal tips and recommendations for normal care and maintenance inside the warranty brochure you received with your carpet purchase.

Treat your carpet well and it will remain showroom-worthy for years to come. The right vacuum will go a long way in ensuring it will and we’re here to review the essentials!
Remember this phrase: “All vacuums are not equal”. Since regular vacuuming is such an important part of carpet maintenance, it’s even more important to note that certain vacuums and their features work better than others for premium soft carpets.

Typically, a good vacuum will offer features such as allowing you to adjust the height, beater bar rotationand fan speed. Vacuums with large wheels, self-propelled vacuums or specialty tools will also make for effective carpet maintenance. Fiber type and construction will determine how your carpet needs to be vacuumed:
  • 1. High pile, wool, wool-blend, and premium soft carpets: Adjust height to highest setting, avoid vacuums with very contrated suction and use a vacuum with large wheels.
  • 2. Thick loop, casual frieze or long pile carpet such as “shag”: You may need to completely disengage the beater bar and vacuum carpet with suction only.
  • 3. All other carpet constructions not mentioned above: Use a vacuum with a rotating brush or beater bar. Change the bags often and check the beater bars for burs and gouges to prevent damage to the surface of the carpet.

When it comes to premium soft carpet offerings, the increased number of soft fibers can make some vacuums difficult to push. A recent trend by vacuum manufacturers is creating models with extremely high suction power. While high suction vacuums perform well on low pile carpets and hard surface flooring, this is not a good match for thicker, high pile carpets like SmartStrand Silk. When vacuuming premium soft carpets or high pile, wool or wool-blend look for these features:
  • Adjustable Height: Use the highest setting where appropriate
  • Efficient Airflow: Avoid vacuums with very concentrated or sealed suction
  • Large Wheels: Vacuum should glide easily across the carpet

Adjustable height is a crucial feature because this enables the machine to be used on a wide variety of carpet constructions. For the proper height setting, the beater bar or brush should just lightly touch your carpet surface.

If your vacuum is set too high above the carpet surface, the vacuum can’t attract the gritty soil below. Make sure it doesn’t dig into or gouge the carpet pile. If the setting is too low, the vacuum’s beater bar or brushes can “fuzz” the carpet’s surface, causing it to look worn and frayed. If you see any fraying or damage to the vacuumed area, change the setting or use a different vacuum on your carpet.

There’s no better feeling than sinking your feet into the ultra-plush comfort with every step on one of Mohawk’s luxurious premium soft carpets. Choosing the right vacuum will assist you in maintaining this cherished feeling throughout your beautiful home!

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