Article by Janet Herlihy

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Mohawk continues its tradition of developing high-performance carpet with SmartStrand Silk Reserve, which was introduced at the company’s Solutions Convention today. SmartStrand Silk (SSS) Reserve is based in real consumer research, according to Seth Arnold, residential brand director at Mohawk Industries.

“We took five brands of soft carpet in seven styles to 10 markets in the U.S. and spoke to more than 300 consumers,” Arnold reported. “First we asked them which was the softest? And four out of five selected SSS Reserve over a leading soft nylon. Then we asked them which carpet is the most durable? The number one choice was also SSS Reserve, which was surprising. Even before they knew any of the other features and even though they each had different definitions of ‘durability,’ they identified SSS Reserve as the ‘best’ and that meant high quality and high performance,” he explained.

For SSS Reserve’s tested durability, Mohawk went beyond the industry standard and did walk tests with real people, doing 60,000-foot steps. "The result was 46 percent better than a comparable nylon,” Arnold said.

And Mohawk will create consumer buzz with a campaign that raises the bar on the 2009 Ricko the Rhino promotion, which placed SmartStrand on the floor of a Black Rhino’s enclosure. This time it’s Max a 5,400 lbs. White Rhino. “We’ve replicated the SmartStrand durability test,” Arnold reported. The results show that SSS Reserve is the culmination of softness, cleanability and durability. SSS Reserve is the best example of how Mohawk continues to provide its retailers with opportunities for better margins.”