In this story the carrot is referred to as the solution dyed carpet and the radish is referred to as the surface dyed carpet.

Up until the last few years most carpet have been surface dyed carpet. Surface dyed carpet starts as a grey good (un-colored). Manufactures then topically color the grey goods at the mill and apply a stain protection afterwards. While advancements in the topical stain protection allowed the carpet to last longer without staining, they did not last forever. Stain protections wear off overtime or worse are taken off by carpet cleaners. This leave the carpet vulnerable to stains entering the open dye sites in the carpet and creating a stain. Solution dyed carpet on the other hand is colored throughout the fiber leaving no open dye sites for the stain to enter. Solution dyed carpet is colored in a melted stage of the process; that results in a color that runs all the way through the carpet fibers.

Solution Dyed Carpet
Like the carrot has color throughout the entire fiber.

Surface Dyed Carpet
Like the radish only has color around the outside and the is un-colored inside the fiber.

Feature & Benefits

  • The solution dyed carpet is extremely stain resistant even to the toughest stains.
  • Solution dyed carpet is far less likely to fade from sun exposure.
  • Both solution dyed and surface dyed structure rely on the process and fibers that the carpet is made from.