While both options are in high demand for home renovation projects, many homeowners are still unsure of the difference between water-resistant and waterproof floors. Both surfacing materials can indeed protect against water spillage, yet they each have different capabilities and limitations. Let's go over their main attributes and differences so you can select which surfacing would work best in your space.


More times than not, floors classified as water-resistant do not come with a warranty against water exposure. Nonetheless, these surfacing options hold up very well to the occasional pet mishap, rain tracked into the house, and accidental spills. Their integrity, however, may not withstand long periods with water on its surface and, as such, need regular monitoring to clean up incidents quickly. In addition, a bathtub overflow or plumbing leak can pose a significant issue. That's because the construction of this surfacing differs from waterproof flooring. Yet, some brands do a fantastic job with impressive water-resistant qualities and can handle several hours – some up to 72 – of standing water without resulting in damage.


Waterproof floors
, like luxury vinyl, are impervious to water. This means explicitly water will not penetrate or infiltrate the installation, regardless of which side the water comes from. In part, waterproof capabilities are due to tight locking mechanisms constructed to block out water while withstanding liquid penetration, including at the joints. When deciding on which installation to choose, review the warranty of the brand. These details can be the deciding factor of your selection, as different manufacturers stipulate different definitions of moisture infiltration. As your flooring specialist will attest, too, another essential factor to the waterproof surfacing is quality underlay. However, do keep in mind that impervious surfacing isn't meant to deal with constant water contact. So, make sure to eliminate any humidity and moisture problems in the house before installation.

Waterproof flooring in Lodi, CA

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