If you've searched for luxury vinyl plank or tile flooring very long, you've heard about a "floating floor." But what is that?

Understanding terminology can mean everything when you need the best flooring materials. And taking the time to learn more is always a benefit in the floor shopping experience.

Defining a floating floor

The simplest definition of a floating floor is that it "floats" above the subfloor. This happens without the use of nails, staples, or adhesives.

Instead, we attach the pieces around the room's perimeter to create an anchor. From there, the LVP pieces click together and lock into place.

The result is a great floor covering and offers a quick installation. But there are other benefits as well.

The benefits of a floating floor

One of the primary benefits is time and affordability. Not only are these floors easier to install, but you'll pay less because the process is shorter.

Since the floors are quick and easy to install, they are also quick and easy to remove and replace. This can mean a lot when you choose to remodel your home.

You'll also benefit from the LVT attached pad used during installation. It helps add comfort and reduce noise for a more peaceful experience in every space.

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