The answer to this question varies depending on the type of material, so it’s always best to speak directly to one of our flooring installation experts.

What is the flooring installation process?

1. Estimate: This is the first step after you’ve made your selection from our fully stocked mobile flooring company. The estimate should be precise as to what is included, so you don't receive any surprise invoices. Some remove furniture and dispose of old flooring, while others do not. 

2. Measuring appointment: Don't skip this step because inaccurate measurements can result in under-ordering, which causes delays, or over-ordering, which causes waste. Instead, the professionals take door sills, closets, bay windows, and baseboards into account to get the correct count.

3. Ask questions about requirements for opening windows, securing pets, removing valuables and electronics, and when you can walk on the floor and move furniture back in, keeping in mind that the latter two often have different timetables.

Types of installations

Not only is the product significant, but an excellent flooring installation will ensure that your floors will look great and perform well for a long time. You don't need to be an expert or have technical installation knowledge, but some familiarity will give you an idea of cost and timing. Feel free to contact us with any questions and concerns when considering a flooring installation in Lodi, CA.

1. Traditional tongue and groove/nail down: This is the only method used for solid hardwood and can take several days.

2. Floating floors: Engineered wood floors, unlike solid, can be nailed, stapled, or installed to float. It's fast and uncomplicated and also used for luxury vinyl and laminate.

3. Loose lay: This is a floating floor without a clicking mechanism. Sheet vinyl is often done as a loose-lay installation.

4. Carpet: Wood tacks and stretching take around a half-day. 

5. Tile: This involves layout, is heavy, hard to cut, and may or may not require unique boards or mortar.

Professional flooring installation at Vineyard Floors

At Vineyard Floors, our mission is to make the flooring installation process as easy and convenient as possible, from the initial purchase to the actual installation. You can see products in your own home with your lighting and accessories. Call us for an appointment (and a free quote) — our mobile flooring company services Lodi, Elk Grove, Stockton, Galt, Manteca, CA.