It's often said that just changing the floor can change the entire tone of a room. So, consider a professional flooring installation if you're thinking about making a change.

You’ll save time with professional installation

When you hire a professional installer to do the job, it ensures that it is done right the first time. That saves you time and money in the long term, as we'll explain from our mobile flooring store.

Installers have the experience to quickly spot potential challenges and then can handle them efficiently if they do happen. You won't spend much time figuring out something and engaging in continual do-overs. That leads to frustration and weakened materials.

You’ll also save money

It starts in the beginning; you might measure incorrectly. Rooms aren't perfect squares. They have baseboards, trims, and door sills with which to content, which leads to under-ordering (delays) or over-ordering (waste).

Many warranties also have strict guidelines as to how to install them. However, when not followed precisely, it can void all your protections.

Still need convincing? Two flooring installation examples

If new carpeting isn't stretched correctly, there will be wrinkles, rolls, and looseness. This not only affects appearance but also creates a safety hazard.

As many of us know, solid hardwood can be damaged by excess water and moisture. Therefore, it's essential to prepare the subfloor and take continual moisture readings properly. If the subfloor is wet, it will travel up to the surface floor and cause warping.

Our mobile flooring company in Lodi, CA, has it all.

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