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SPC vs. WPC and why one might be better for you than the other

When we talk about waterproof flooring of the luxury vinyl type, you will hear a lot about wood plastic composite (WPC) and stone plastic composite (SPC). There are two widespread core components in vinyl flooring that make them impervious to water damage, even in the basement, laundry, and bathrooms. If you've ever wondered about the difference between the two, we have some information that might serve you well.

WPC vs. SPC for your specific requirements

There are some specific differences between WPC and SPC flooring that you should know about. If you’re looking for a particular type of flooring, these differences might be more important to you than you think. Here are the most significant differences between the two so that you’ll have a clearer picture of what you stand to gain from each.

WPC flooring uses wood pulp and other recycled wood materials, and plastic composites to create a waterproof core that protects you from water damage. It’s affordable, quiet, and offers excellent durability from daily wear while also providing a wealth of visual options for décor-matching. The installation process is quick and easy, requiring little subfloor prep beforehand.

SPC is much like WPC, but instead of using wood materials, it replaces that component with stone powder. It also offers a more rigid core construction for a stronger character, but thanks to thick lower layers, these floors provide excellent comfort and quietness. It’s exceptionally durable, especially to stains, impacts, and other daily wear, and is even resistant to peeling, fading, and cupping, even when placed in direct sunlight.

We provide the waterproof flooring you need

Vineyard Floors is a mobile showroom that proudly offers a wealth of floor coverings and services that are meant to meet your needs, whatever they are. We have trained, friendly associates who can easily take care of your floor shopping all in one home visit. While we’re in your home, with the sample flooring you have selected, we can also take measurements and offer an estimate as well.

If you’re a resident of Lodi, CA, Elk Grove, CA, Stockton, CA, Galt, CA, or Manteca, CA, we invite you to contact us for a mobile showroom visit at your convenience. Based in Lodi, CA, we genuinely care about your flooring results as if they were our own. For waterproof flooring that will serve you well, be sure to let us know what you're for in a floor covering today.